Worldloppet : The World of Marathon Skiing

Transju’ Worldloppet Welcome –presented by Julbo

Transju’ Worldloppet Welcome –presented by Julbo

The team Julbo–Trans’Org are pleased to welcome all Worldloppet Masters and passport holders to a convivial brunch and aperitif in the Worldloppet Lounge presented by Julbo.

It’s all happening at the Salon International du Nordique in Les Rousses – just next to the racer bib distribution counter.

Julbo has prepared a special welcome gift for all Worldloppet passport holders so don’t forget to bring along your passport!

Brunch – Friday, February 7 – from 9am to 1:00pm

Aperitif – Saturday, February 8 – from 11:30am to 2:00pm

Come and meet up with other Worldloppet skiers to exchange experiences and adventures in the convivial Worldloppet Lounge set up especially for you by the Transju’-Julbo team!

We look forward to meeting you soon!


Worldloppet is an international sports federation of cross-country skiing marathons that brings together 20 of the most prestigious cross-country events on 4 continents. The federation was founded in 1978 in Uppsala, Sweden. The aim of Worldloppet is to promote the sport of cross-country skiing through the various ski races around the world. Only one and the best race from a country can be a member of Worldloppet ; representing France – La Transjurassienne became part of the Worldloppet since 1981.
130 000 skiers from 50 countries participate in one of these popular events.
The 2015 Worldloppet annual general meeting (AGM) took place in the heart of the
Jura Mountains, solid proof of the confidence the Worldloppet Federation holds for Trans’Organisation, represented by Annette Lamy Chappuis, member of the Worldloppet Executive Board.


  • USHUAIA LOPPET (ARG), in August
  • KANGAROO HOPPET (AUS), in August
  • MERINO MUSTER (NZL), in September
  • VASALOPPET CHINA (CHI), in January
  • DOLOMITENLAUF (AUT), in January
  • MARCIALONGA (ITA), in January
  • KÖNIG LUDWIG LAUF (ALL), in February
  • GATINEAU LOPPET (CAN), in February
  • AMERICAN BIRKEBEINER (E.-U.), in February
  • TARTU MARATON (EST), in February
  • FINLANDIA-HIIHTO (FIN), in February
  • BIEG PIASTOW (POL), in March
  • VASALOPPET (SUE), in March

For more information about Worldloppet and IAWLS : /

Worldloppet Passport

Skiers from all over the world have the possibility of obtaining a Worldloppet passport, a unique way to record your Worldloppet accomplishments. More than 18’000 passports have been delivered to date. All Worldloppet events reserve a special welcome for Worldloppet passport holders, in La Transjurassienne, Worldloppet passport holders start in the 2nd start wave at most and a special brunch is set up in their honor from 9 am to noon on the Friday of the bib distribution weekend in Morez at the Salon du Nordique…

Worldloppet Masters

A master of the Worldloppet is a unique amateur skier who has completed 10 different Worldloppet races, with at least one of them on another continent and who has their passport validated by the Worldloppet office. An athlete can become a Worldloppet Gold Master after completing 10 WL main races and a Worldloppet Silver Master after completing 10 WL short races. It is also possible to claim the Worldloppet Multiple Master title if several passports have been validated.

More than 4 000 Masters (single or multiple) exist today in the world including 224 French Masters.
The most decorated Master in the World happens to be the Frenchman Hannes Larsson : 28 times Master, a number that signifies that he has raced a minimum of 280 Worldloppet races in his lifetime … and at 85 years of age, he has no intension of stopping there ! In summer 2015 he headed for the Southern Hemisphere to tackle the Ushuaïa Loppet in Argentina, the Merino Muster in New Zealand and the Kangaroo Hoppet in Australia! Hannes Larsson is also one of the founders of the International Association of Worldloppet Skiers (IAWLS) whose goal is to assure that the popular ski amateurs’ voice is heard by race organizers. The organization is animated by 8 volunteer administrators including the Norwegian Lars Vagle – president as well as three Frenchmen, Herve Courtine (8 times Master), Christophe Joanblanq (4 times Master) and Boris Petroff (12 times Master).

Becoming a “ Global Worldloppet Skiers ” is yet another way of documenting your determination : as the title indicates, the goal is to finish ALL Worldloppet races … 221 dedicated skiers are members to this very selective club, including 9 Frenchmen…