Trans’Organisation, non-profit association (law1901) was created in 1997 in order to organize La Transju’, to promote the Franche-Comté region and the Jura moutains and to highlight the organization members as well as the nordic skiing development.

Today, Trans’Organisation organises 3 annual events : La Transju’, la Transjeune and la Transju’trail.

The association gathers 9 clubs traverses by La Transju’ : US LamouraSC Prémanon, Skieurs RousselandsSC Bois d’AmontSC Le Brassus (Switzerland), SC Morbier-Bellefontaine-MorezSC Mont NoirRisoux-Club et AS Mouthe.

La Transju’ would’nt be this event without the enthusiasm, the know-how and the availability and of more than 1000 volunteers, totally devoted to « their» Transju’.

If we compare the numbers of volunteers and the total number of inhabitants between Lamoura and Mouthe, we can cocnlude that almost each familiy participates to La Transju’… This is also, « La Transju’ spirit» !

Office Opening :

  • Monday from 13.30 am to 17.30 pm
  • Tuesday, Wenesday and Thursday from 8.30 to 12.30 am and to 13.30 to 17.30 pm
  • Friday from 8.30 to 12.30 am