Technical Informations

ATTENTION, thoses technical information can’t be considered as race rules : Read the race regulation.


Attention ! your start number is equipped with a timing chip that must be taken off the number at the finish, in case of withdrawal or if you’re out of time. Please make sure to place the chip on the front. Every missing chip will be charged 50€ to the registered participant.


Attention ! The bags must be loaded in the corresponding truck at the start. You will pick it up at the finish in the gymnasium in Mouthe, next to the college by showing your start number.


One per village crossed. On the right after each food station, an area is materialised to throw your wastes. Aim right! On each site wastes are sorted out so please follow instructions.

You are skiing in a SENSIBLE AREA : respect the marked track and the silence of the Jura Mountains.


Get information about shuttles times at the info desk or on our website: Click here.


You will find technical assistance on each food stations.
The equipement lent must be given back in Mouthe on the technical assistance stand next to the ski deposit. You will get your broken equipment back at the same place.


Attention, a sticker with your country flag and your first name is in your start number envelope. Please stick it in the delimited area (chip side; under the number) and if possible in a warm place and on a flat zone to stick it well.

Complete race regulations to be read : click here