Sustainable development and social commitment

Since 2009, Trans’Organisation is involved in ecological and social development taking into account Jura environment and people.
We have to promote our region and our events with a responsive behaviour, gathering the environmental, social and economic issues. We aim at preserving our environement, the major asset for promoting our event and region.

On the environnemental side, Trans’Organisation is involved in :
• Reducing paper documents and using recycled papers (PEFC standard)
• Asking for local firm’s services to reduce transports.
• Encouraging car sharing and transports through the organization’s buses, before and after the race.
• Reducing wastes and processing them in partnership with SICTOM du Haut Jura and Préval Haut-Doubs (wholesale conditioning, compostable dishes).
• Giving information about protected areas and protected species, especially in altitude forests, but also all along the race, to the participants and public. Our partners Groupe Tétras Jura and the Parc Naturel Régional du Haut-Jura are in the International Nordic exhibition.
• Collaborating with the Parc Naturel Régional du Haut-Jura, the Groupe Tétras Jura the Office National de la Chasse et de la Faune Sauvage for studying our tracks and writing our documents in order to include the ecological issues of the sites used by the races.

On the social side, our organization is involved in :
• Integrating in our events elderly volunteers or associations aiming at integrating persons in social life.
• Taking into account disability on our races, by adapting our organization to allow disabled skiers to participate : guides, special starts…


La Transju’ et la Transju’trail are two events showing the authentic landscapes and patrimony of the Jura mountains, and 2 incredible human adventures, based on solidarity, sharing and challenge values… Our events stay fragile, that’s why it is necessary to find sponsors to consolidate our foundations !
That’s why Trans’promo was created in 2014, gathering pepole fond of nordic skiing, trail runnng and Jura mountains in general to support Trans’Organisation development through sponsorship.
Thanks to the funds, Trans’promo helped financing track’s work, snow production, grooming, Transju’ and Transju’trail promotion, producing track signs, TV production, financing prize money, infrastructure’s renting, volunteers’ thank…
• Contact : Daniel Arnaud / +33(0)3 84 33 43 39.



The Sapaudia, a non-profit organization, was founded in 2010 in the department of Savoie (in Monthion). It aims to raise awareness and promote bone marrow donation through sport. Each year, the association organizes or participates in more than a dozen sporting events throughout France: La Sapaudia – Monoikos, La Transjurassienne, 3B … Sports, convivial and sharing moments between all the participants, valid or not, which allow to remove the barriers of difference.
Sapaudia can also count on its sponsors and ambassadors! Champions or former Olympic, world or European champions, all decided to support and support the association in this fabulous adventure!
Here are some examples:

– Jason Lamy-Chappuis

– Bernard Hinault

– Gérard Vives

– Philippe Riboud

– Marie Bochet


Solidarity and sports demonstration run by the association “Run for Women” and carried by her godmother Marie-Pierre Guilbaud (four-time winner of the Transju ‘on 76km), “Skier pour Elles” wishes to sensitize women to the benefits of the practice of a physical activity in the prevention of cancers. Benefits that are characterized in particular by improving the living environment of patients and their loved ones.Present on the classic 25km race of the Transjurassienne, this gathering also allows to motivate and bring more women not daring to embark on sports challenges. It will even be possible to meet some gentlemen, all dressed in pink, wearing and supporting this beautiful event.So support them when you see them on February 9th!


Nathan Graine de Soleil is an association created in 2005 within the city of Les Rousses. The association helps children with serious illnesses to leave the hospital environment by organizing trips and stays in the Jura mountains. These holidays allow families to be together, to forget the illness and the hospital for a few days and for children to live and have fun like any other.
Nathan Graine de Soleil can count on generous donors but also with the sport as with the runners solidarity of the Transju’trail or the Transju’trail of the Marmots.
Solidarity runners can raise funds for the association through a sponsorship system. Business or individual, you choose to donate a sum of money for every kilometer that the runner has traveled and whatever the course chosen by the runner (72km, 36km, 23km, 10km, 5km, …).