Starting blocks

From 2017, a new starting block’s attribution is set up to be in accordance with the Wordloppet races.

The starting lines attribution is decided by the race director according to :

  • previous results on La Transjurassienne (2014 and 2015)
  • FIS points for any athletes with a valid FIS code (National ski Federation are able to deliver FIS codes to any skier) cf.race rules
  • FFS points for skiers owning a valid FFS licence “Compétiteurs” (French licence) cf.race rules
  • previous results on Worldloppet races (2015 and 2016)

For any request of start line or start line changes, please upload, fill in the form and send it back to before January 29th 2017. No changes of starting lines after January 29th 2017.

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Honour titles are awarded to faithful participants and give access to preferential line :

  • Senator awarded to every participants who have completed all the Transjurassienne 76km / 68km FT or 57km FT / Transju’Marathon 48km or 50km CT / Transju’Classic 56km or corresponding races. A special start line is open within the 1st line for them
  • Ambassador awarded to every participant who have completed at least half of all the edition (i-e 16 Transjurassienne in 2017). Access to 2nd line.
  • Grand’Ambassador awarded to every participant who have completed at least 26 editions of La Transjurassienne 76km FT / 68FT or 57km FT / Transju’Marathon 48 km or 50km CT / Transju’Classic 56km (or corresponding races) in 2017. Access to 2nd line.
  • Adaptive race participation detailed from page 18 to page 20.

It is the competitor’s responsibility to enter the start line that was attributed to him. In case of start in the wrong wave, the competition jury will decide the sanction (compensation, disqualification…). A start line is assigned to you. Any person starting in another line will be penalized with two minutes added to the final time for each cheated line based on the real start time.