We unfortunately don’t have any precise date concerning the refund. Our insurance is studying our situation and we are waiting at their authorization to make the refunds. Moreover, taking into account the actual sanitary situation, it could be longer than excepted.

We are aware that it appears very long. Please note that we do our best to shorten the refund delay and that you don’t have any request to make to get the refund.

We thank you for your comprehension and don’t hesitate if you have any question.

The Transju’ Team


Due to small snow coverage in the massif and the weather conditions of the past week-end (February 1 &2), rain falls which were more important than the expected weather forecasts, the planed shortened track announced last week is not practicable anymore.

It is with deep regrets and deception that we have to cancel the 42nd edition of La Transjurassienne.

Despite our will and all the efforts of the organization committee and all the volunteers, we won’t be able to organize La Transjurassienne 2020.

These past few days we had anticipated and worked on a shortened track and on solutions to be able to offer you the Transju’ atmosphere. We wanted to see you on the starting line with a smile.

We wish to keep our smiles. La Transjurassienne is a nice race. It is natural for us to keep a program for the week-end which could satisfy the most of you, Transju’ skiers.


You don’t have any requests to make to get your partial refund, as defined in the races rules. You will receive it as soon we are ready. Thanks for your comprehension.