Crazy numbers!

This weekend, it's La Transju '! Here are some statistics to help you wait. 3983 registered racer for the differents events 68 % in FT / 32 % in CT Per event: La Transjurassienne: 2124 La Transju’Marathon: 601 La Transju’Classic: 552 La Trans 25 FT: 447 La Trans 25 CT: 258 29 Nations 17 % foreign racers coming from the four ... More

Transju’ tracks decision : Bois d’Amont -> Chaux-Neuve

The Transju’ Track 2018 is now official : the 40th edition of La Transjurassienne will be a Jura – Doubs linear track. « It really meant a lot to us, as much as traversing our villages » affirms the President of Trans’Organisation, Pierre-Albert Vandel. After several track tests between Les Rousses-Bois d’Amont and leaning on ... More

STARS IN TRANS’ : They’re back !

Last year's winners have just registered again on the Transju': Maria Gräfnings, winner of the Transju' and Alexis Jeannerod, first of the Transju'Classic 2017, will compete again on these two races! She announced the countdown of the last three months before the Transju ': the Swedish Maria Gräfnings is back and has all her ... More

Transju’ Track Talk N°4 (February 1st)

A beautiful white landscape today... 20 centimeters of fresh heavy snow felt last night in the Jura mountains. The sections between Prémanon and Bois d’Amont and from Chaux-Neuve to Mouthe remain critical, and we have to wait for the groomers conclusions about those sections... Over the last few weeks, technical team at Trans’Org... More

Tracks News

In the best scenario, the original ski race (start from VVStar Lamoura / arrival in Mouthe/or Chaux-Neuve) will be maintained. This option will be dependent on the weather forecast. If the snow announced on Thursday falls in enough quantity to ensure the majority of the 68 km, everything will be done to respect the original race course.... More

Transju’ Track Talk N°3

Precipitation last week came in the form of first rain then snow, and in the end, Transju track conditions are approximately the same as last week with 50% of the Transju Tracks covered and skiable. The first 25-km from Lamoura to Prémanon are still in good condition, between Bois d’Amont and Chaux-Neuve it’s globally skiable with ... More

La Transju fait sa mue

Transju’ in evolution

After the major snofalls in december, the Jura region experiences abundant rain for the most first week in january, but the snow forecast expected gives us a smile. The number of participants has exceeded the mark of 3100 ans the novelties planed for this 40th edition annonce a race worthy of the greatest. Do not we say 40 years old is the ... More

Transju’ Track Talk – January 10th

After the major snowfalls in December, the Jura region experienced abundant rain for most of the first week in January. Transju track conditions may not be as optimistic as in our last report, but we can confirm that at 60% of the Transju Tracks from Lamoura to Mouthe are skiable. There is up to 1m10cm in the upper sections of the track and ... More

Countdown, M-4 !

La Transju', it's in 4 months ! So, let's have a look in video with Robin Duvillard, 2017 winner, on the 17 fresh and dense pages of the 2018 press kit to know the main information on the 40th edition ! Or download it here ! More

Let’s take a look at the 40th Transju’ !

Summer isn’t the period during which the activity of Trans’Organisation dramatically decreases… « We had to duly note of Hervé Balland’s symbolic leaving from the management, explains Pierre- Albert Vandel, President of Trans’Organisation, then Arnaud Vanini’s (public relations manager) and finally anticipate logistics ... More