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Transju' still wants to grow

December, wednesday 4th

Robin Duvillard and Anouk Faivre-Picon blew out the candles of La Transju’s 40th birthday cake

Sunday, February 10th 2019

Transju’Classic: Antoine Auger and Marie Kromer lead the charge

Saturday, Fabruary 09 th 2019

Ready Steady Go!

Friday, Fabruary 08th 2019

La Transju 2018 : the results

11 February 2018

Transju'Classic's results

10 February 2018

Flash info: stay informed

8 february 2018

Stats & Stars

7 February 2018

Transju' Entertainments

Transju' 2018 Tracks

February 2018, 5th

Transju’ : 2 options Jura-Doubs

31 January 2018

La Transju' in evolution

January 17th 2018

Let’s take a look at the 40th Transju’!

September 29th 2017

Press Pack La Transju' 2018 - ENG

A new identity for new challenges!

02 décembre 2016

Press Kit La Transju' 2017

27 octobre 2016

Transju 2016 : From Lamoura to Bois d’Amont!

08 février 2016

D-30 Transju Info-Flash : Already more than 3 700 registrations!

12 janvier 2016


12 janvier 2016

La Transju’ is heating up for Saint-Valentine’s Day!

01 décembre 2015

Press Kit Transjurassienne 2016

30 octobre 2015

The Worldloppet World Congress is back in France, home of La Transjurassienne!

18 juin 2015