La Transjurassienne become Challenger!

La Transjurassiene gathers each year nearly 4500 participants in the Jura Mountains, France. From the greatest champions to amateurs for a weekend of sport and conviviality. Now the 68km Sunday event in free style technique will become a Visma Ski Classics Challenger event. The new Challengers series, launched earlier in April this year, is a common platform created in order to connect and promote long distance skiing events worldwide.

La Transjurassienne celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2019 and the flagship is the ski weekends Sunday event, 68 kilometers in free style technic, between Lamoura station des Rousses (Jura) and Val de Mouthe (Doubs), at heart of Bourgogne Franche-Comté region. A little over two hours for the best, sometimes three times more for the less experienced, but for all, the same pleasure to cross postcard scenery and enjoy a festive atmosphere in the ten villages crossed by the race.

“Visma Ski Classics, an international long distance circuit, launched the Visma Ski Classics Challengers in April 2019 to develop long distance skiing in Europe. It was therefore natural for Trans’Organisation to join this circuit with the legendary Transju ‘. This novelty will also help develop the event internationally and welcome professional teams, committed to the Visma Ski Classics circuit” says Quentin LEBAS – Trans’Organisation Coordina

“We are excited to welcome La Transjurassienne to the Visma Ski Classics Challenger family. This is a very traditional event, taking place in a beautiful part of Europe. To see the interest of Visma Ski Classics growing in France both from Pro Team, event and media perspective is great. France is a big skiing nation and we are happy to welcome La Transjurassienne as the first French event in the Visma Ski Classics circuit!” says David Nilsson CEO Visma Ski Classics.