2007 – 29th edition

La Transjurassienne 2007 Events cancelled

Up until February 5th, Trans’Organisation fully believed in maintaining La Transjurassienne’s events even though we suffered from a lack of snow due to abnormal mild temperatures just like all Europe.

Snow conditions were meagre but alternative tracks have been under study for weeks. This year, 2140 participants registered on the main Transjurassienne 76km and for all races combined we had a total number of 3384 registered racers.

On Monday 5th February 2007, following our traditionnal security meeting held five days before the races in the presence of government officials, the organisation committee and different security authorities, the decision was made to cancel the events of La Transjurassienne 2007 given the present snow coverage and the very unfavourable weather forecasts.

From the moment the official information was available, an e-mail was sent to all the adresses on file and the employees began to call all foreign participants to inform them of the cancellation.

On March 14th 2007 Trans’Organisation mailed out all individual refund checks according to the race regulations.