2005 – 27th



The Spaniard Juan Jesus GUTIERREZ and the French Corinne NIOGRET win this 27th Transju in difficult conditions… but in a cheerful ambiance!

After the 2004 edition where all records were set, with the victories of Alexandre Rousselet from Franche Comté and Anne-Laure Mignerey from Dauphiné who won the fastest edition in history, it was hard to do better!…It took the racers about one hour longer than the 2004 edition. The combination of a thick layer of fresh snow, cold temperatures and the northern wind would not favor the setting of new records, yet the important grooming work done the previous night provided good skiing conditions.

In the Men’s event, Passeron leads the race for 50 km, before being overtaken by GUTIERREZ who reaches Mouthe after 3H56’34’’. The Spaniard is very proud of his first victory in the Transju, especially after his injury that kept him bedridden for 3 weeks last summer. ROY and PASSERON praised Vittoz’ victory in the World Championship as they had just heard the news. No surprise regarding Didier ROY from Pontarlier: he was aiming for the 3rd place and got it!
In the Women’s event, « Coco » from le Bugey and Jurassien by adoption, the racer with many medals, led the race from the start, followed by the Russian who would not attempt to pass her. The Swiss, Jasmine NUNIGE-BAUMANN who was running her first cross-country skiing race in France was very happy with her 3rd place, even though her very busy family life made her take a break in her training schedule!

Transjurassienne 2005 results – MEN 76km.– 1. Juan Jesus GUTIERREZ (SPA), 3h56’34’’; 2. Stéphane PASSERON (FRA), 3h58’40’’; 3. Didier ROY (FRA), 3h59’33’’; 4. François Régis FAIVRE (FRA), 4h02’42’’; 5. Jean Michel FLOCHON (FRA), 4h02’44’’; 6. Franck GORRY (FRA), 4h02’44’’; 7. Jean Christophe DUPONT (FRA), 4h03’48’’; 8. Yves LANQUETIN (FRA), 4h04’20’’; 9. Patrice CHAPUIS (FRA), 4h05’08’’; 10. Damien GIRARD-BLANC (FRA), 4h05’22’’…

Transjurassienne 2005 results – WOMEN 50km.– 1. Corinne NIOGRET (FRA), 3h10’47’’; 2. Svetlana SHTAPKINA (RUS), 3h11’13’’; 3. Jasmin NUNIGE (SWI), 3h12’57’’; 4. Sabine HUDRY (FRA), 3h17’35’’; 5. Christelle JOUILLE (FRA), 3h18’16’’; 6. Géraldine BUSSOD (FRA), 3h18’53’’; 7. Stéphanie GUILLEMIN (FRA), 3h26’06’’; 8. Florence GEYMOND-GOLAY (FRA), 3h26’58’’; 9. Caroline FINANCE (FRA), 3h30’11’’; 10. Sophie REY (FRA), 3h30’23’’…

All results online: www.transjurassienne.com