Crazy numbers!

This weekend, it’s La Transju ‘! Here are some statistics to help you wait.

3983 registered racer for the differents events

68 % in FT / 32 % in CT
Per event:
La Transjurassienne: 2124
La Transju’Marathon: 601
La Transju’Classic: 552
La Trans 25 FT: 447
La Trans 25 CT: 258

29 Nations

17 % foreign racers coming from the four corners of the world: New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Poland, Estonia…

147 Ultra Trans skiers registered

With the participation of Michel Vuillet, the «number one» Senator of La Transju’ who has completed every Transju’ event from the beginning and who will take the start of La Transju’Classic on Saturday and then race the long event on Sunday: hats off!

8 senators

8 Senators who have raced and finished every Transju’ event will once again take on the challenge this year!
The most senior Senator, Bernard Demeer (70 years old this year) from Paris, will take the start of La Transjurassienne on Sunday alongside André Midol (Montrouge), Jean Kuhni (Champagnole), Yves Panier (Les Verrières de Joux), Jean-Claude Bernard (Barberaz), Dominique Aires (Nurieux- Vologonat), Robert Besson (Echirolles) and our local, Michel Vuillet (Bellefontaine).

4 Worldloppet races of the Worldloppet Ski Federation

(Bieg Piastow, Finlindia hiihto, Tartu Ski Maraton, Merino Muster) will be represented this Transju’ weekend. Volunteers will be ready to stamp Worldloppet passports in the finish area in Chaux-Neuve… just look for the Worldloppet logo!

55 registered in solidarity with La Sapaudia

Several athletes will take part in La Transjurassienne or La Trans’25 CT in solidarity with La Sapaudia to increase awareness of bone-marrow donations, but also to share a beautiful moment of solidarity. This is the case for cyclist Thibaut Pinot, who will take on the long Transju’ for the first.
As for the motorcycle champion Vincent Philippe, several time winner of the motorcycle endurance race Bol d’or and the Endurance World Championships, he will be taking on Trans’25 FT, along with a group of other participants skiing for La Sapaudia. He’ll be skiing alongside the ice-skaters Vanessa Gusmeroli and Isabelle Delobel, the swimmer Marion Bragard and the triathlete Olivier Bragard.
For the main event, Véronique Delobel and Matthieu Jost (figure skating), Alexandre Chouffe and Didier Faivre Pierret (cycling), The Olympic champions Sébastien Lacroix and Vincent Gauthier-Manuel will ski alongside Sylvain Guillaume, President of La Sapaudia and Olympic medalist in Nordic Combined.

53 registered in solidarity with Skier pour Elles

53 women will be present on Saturday at the start of La Trans 25 CT, all dressed in pink and led by our 4-time winner of La Transju’ Marie-Pierre Guilbaud, all skiing to communicate that physical activity puts up walls against cancer!

1050 volunteers

They work tirelessly for the success of la Transjurassienne each year!