If you have registered for a Transju' race, don't forget to pick up your bib today and tomorrow, Saturday, at the Les Rousses sports centre. By wearing it, you will be able to ski for free on the Nordic areas, untill sunday, of : La ComCom Haut-Jura Saint-Claude Lajoux La Pesse Les Moussières Station des Rousses (les 4 ... More

Opening of 2020 La Transju’ registrations

The 2020 registrations will open on Wednesday, 11th September at 6 pm ! Click here to register to one or several Transju' races. The 5 first registrations will be offered ! If you are among the 5 fastest registered persons, your entry fee will be offered. Terms & conditions : In order to benefit from the free entry fee, you need ... More

Robin Duvillard and Anouk Faivre-Picon blew out the candles of La Transju’s 40th birthday cake

French athletes were present to honor the 40th birthday of La Transju’, victorious in the de 68 km mythic event that took place between Lamoura (Jura) and Mouthe (Doubs). And even if the extreme windy conditions forced a few changes in the event program, the birthday celebration was full of emotion. « With this kind of wind, you have ... More

Transju’Classic: Antoine Auger and Marie Kromer lead the charge

On Saturday the Transju’Classic 56 CT has crowned French Antoine Auger and Marie Kromer, winners for a second year in a row. On Sunday the French athletes could shine again in the 40th edition of the Transju’ that will go back to its original 68 kilometres long route between Lamoura (Jura) and Mouthe (Doubs). A unique experience for ... More

Ready, steady, go!

The biggest nordic ski event in France, La Transju’ celebrates its 40th anniversary, on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 February, 2019. With over 4,000 athletes on the traditional 68 kilometres long route between Lamoura (Jura) and Mouthe (Doubs), the event will sure be a huge festivity . The party will be huge! To celebrate its 40th ... More

Two weeks before La Transju’

Transju' races start in two weeks!  Did you register? You have until February 3 !!! ✅ Register here! More

One month to go before the Transju’!

On February 9th and 10th, 4500 skiers from 30 different countries are expected in Jura for the 2019 edition of this legendary race which is celebrating its 40th anniversary. To make the event special and the experience unique, you can take part in the Transju’ Experience which is a 20 km ski outing. The Transju’ Experience: It has ... More

40 éditions

Transju’ 2018 statistics

Here they are: our engineers and mathematicians worked tirelessly for several days (and nights) to produce their most beautiful statistics on Transju '2018! More

Crazy numbers!

This weekend, it's La Transju '! Here are some statistics to help you wait. 3983 registered racer for the differents events 68 % in FT / 32 % in CT Per event: La Transjurassienne: 2124 La Transju’Marathon: 601 La Transju’Classic: 552 La Trans 25 FT: 447 La Trans 25 CT: 258 29 Nations 17 % foreign racers coming from the four ... More

Transju’ tracks decision : Bois d’Amont -> Chaux-Neuve

The Transju’ Track 2018 is now official : the 40th edition of La Transjurassienne will be a Jura – Doubs linear track. « It really meant a lot to us, as much as traversing our villages » affirms the President of Trans’Organisation, Pierre-Albert Vandel. After several track tests between Les Rousses-Bois d’Amont and leaning on ... More