Nordic skiing atmosphere in the Jura Mountains

Ideal playground for activities that energize your body while soothing your mind. The Jura Montains offer a preserved natural surroundings, facilities adapted to the practice of Nordic activities but also atmospheres and traditions which recall here the Far North or Scandinavia.

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Discover the local famous cheese : Le Comté

The Transju’ is not only the most famous French Cross-Country Skiing popular race : it’s also a winter path to enjoy the regional gastronomic treasures.

• Stage 1.- Around Lamoura
• Stage 2.- Around Les Rousses
• Stage 3.- Around Chapelle-des-Bois
• Stage 4.- Around Mouthe
• Stage 5.- Ideas for cozy nights…
Gourmet shopping along La Transju’
• Small detours : transjurassiennes breaks