Online registration

Registration for the Transju’ 2019 will open on Friday, September 7th at 6 PM !



For the five quickest ones, the registration will be offered!
Terms and conditions:
Once your registration has been paid and validated, you will get your money back 15 days after your payment.

  • Valid on one race only (see below for the Packages or Ultra)
  • For the Ultra Trans, the two races package or the Ski Trail challenge: 50% off on your payment
  • The application must be complete and the payment must have been made
  • The date and time of the payment validation will be taken into consideration to decide between the winners


Online registrations only. Last delay for all registrations is February 3, 2019. No paper registration requests will be accepted.
Before proceeding, please pay attention carefully to the mandatory documents needed to register.

Entries are possible within the limit of 4.500 available bib numbers, distributed as follows :

  • Transju’ (68FT) : 2.500 participants
  • Transju’Marathon (48FT) : 650 participants
  • Trans 25FT : 500 participants
  • Transju’Classic (56CT) : 600 participants
  • Trans 25CT : 250 participants

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to anticipate registration closure if all bib numbers are filled before the official registration closure date.

All events are open to participants:

  • Non-holders of an FFS ski license, can purchase an FFS day ticket, provided by the Organizing Committee at registration (see non-licensed entry fees)
  • Members of an FFS affiliated ski club with a competitor, club leader or leisure license
  • Members of the International Ski Federation (FIS) or
  • Members of a foreign cross-country ski federation (ESP, AND, SUI)

Other licenses not listed above will not be accepted.


Club leader Carte-Neige, and day ticket holders must provide a medical certificate at the moment of registration. The medical certificate must be dated less than a year of the race day and attest « no apparent contraindication of practicing sports on a competitive level ». (cf. plaquette officielle de la FFS)