2014 – 36th edition

The 36th Transjurassienne hall of fame : REZAC confirms his supremacy. BICOVA reaches the first step. WIBAULT demonstrates. DABUDYK dominates the race.

A modified track for the same pleasure!
This 36th edition was again a succes thanks to the iron will, or what one can call the stubbornness of the organisers and thousands of volunteers who did a huge work to make it possible.

Because of the massive rain falls ealier in the week, everyone was working hard to find a suitable back-up track. The 25km CT track ended up with 20km only whereas the 50km had to be modified to 52km as a part of the track was flooded.

On Saturday evening, it was decided to shorten the tracks for Sunday’s skating races, avoiding the part in Switzerland. Thus La Transjurassienne 2014 was played on a 70km track instead of 76 km from Lamoura (Jura), 51km instead of 57 km FT and 20km instead of 25 km FT with the finish line as usual in Mouthe!

The difficult snow conditions and uncertain weather forecasts did not lessen the motivation of the 1244 skiers from all over the world to take the start of the 50 and 25 km classic races and 3329 on Sunday from lamoura, Les Rousses or Chapelle des Bois.

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For the 2nd time in a row, La Transju is blue/white/red

WIBAULT & DABUDYK add their names to the 36th Transjurassienne’s list of results
A modified track, yet still the same pleasure!

On Saturday evening, Trans’Organisation decided to reduce the Sunday skating events tracks and suppress the excursion into Switzerland. Therefore, La Transjurassienne 2014 went down from 76km to 70km for the Lamoura / Mouthe track, the 57 km FT down to 51 km and the 25 km FT down to 20 km!

At 8H30 in la Combe du Lac in Lamoura, the wind blowing in the back of the skiers helped them achieve excellent results! On the start line, expectations were high for a trio with Benoit CHAUVET (2011-2013), very confident after the withdrawal of the current FIS Marathon Cup leader, Petr NOVAK! The well-represented Squadra Azzura was willing to fight fiercely! 3323 racers out of 3567 registered skiers took their start on Sunday, representing 30 nationalities, ready to celebrate the Jura Mountains tracks. On the Men’s side, the French Mathias WIBAULT wins for the 1st time in 2h53mn43s. Benoit CHAUVET (FR) and Toni LIVERS (SWI) complete the podium. On the Women’s side, the French Aurélie DABUDYK finishes in 2h10mn22s followed by Olga ROTCHEVA (RUS) and Célia BOURGEOIS (FR).

Men 70km FT: WIBAULT leaves his “1st track” on la Transju!
At 8H30, La Transjurassienne started in the heart of la Combe du Lac in Lamoura. The favorites reached Les Rousses ski resort as early as 9H15. A group of about 50 skiers, led by Christophe PERRILLAT (bib n°3), closely followed by the Italians, the Russian Ilya MASHKOV (25), 8th of the FIS Marathon Cup, the Swiss Toni LIVERS (5) and Mathias INNIGER (37), Mathias WIBAULT (29) and Benoit CHAUVET (1)! The group remained together until Bellefontaine, where the leading pack of the race took shape: Benoit CHAUVET and Mathias WIBAULT breaking into the “Italian squad” composed of BONALDI, MARTINELLI, and KOSTNER, followed by the Czech Martin KOUKAL, the German Tom REICHELT, Christophe PERRILLAT and Toni LIVERS. “It all happened in the last uphill just after the Pré Poncet, I saw Mathias take over and leave me behind” explains Benoit CHAUVET. After leading the head of the race for most of the competition, he admits that this tactic made him miss a victory. Mathias, who was not selected in the OG, is more than satisfied to win his 1st victory:

“I do not realize yet” he says, while ringing his Obertino cow bell! LIVERS completes the podium with a nice 3rd place, just 5 seconds behind the skier from Savoie. Christophe PERRILLAT finishes 11th, disappointed not to renew his 2010 or 2011 successes, but happy to see his compatriot on the first step of the podium! The 1st skier from Franche-Comté, Nicolas BERTHET finishes 18th.

Women 51km FT: A nice surprise for Aurélie DABUDYK
From the 10th km, the 5 favorites took the lead with the French Célia BOURGEOIS (5001) and Aurélie DABUDYK (5009), followed by the Swiss Rahel IMOBERDORF (5012) and the Russian Olga ROTCHEVA (5016). In Chapelle des Bois, supported by her coach, Aurélie manages to increase the gap, one minute ahead of Célia and Olga. The skier of the French National Team, who will fly to Sotchi to support her team mates, finishes first in Mouthe. “I really had to fight hard for this victory, especially since I lost my bottle and could not drink anything in the last 25 km”. ROTCHEVA, current 5th in the FIS Marathon Cup, maintains her second position all through the race. Célia BOURGEOIS finishes 3rd, admitting she had difficulties at the end of the track.

Men 20 km FT: A double victory for Benjamin SEIFERT
He won yesterday in the 20km CT, he wins again today in 51mn19s. Richard BALLAND from the Jura department wins the 2nd place, followed by the Russian RATYNSKIY.

Women 20 km FT: The Czech Kamila BORUTOVA collects a second victory this week-end
Just like SEIFERT, Kamila BORUTOVA wins the 20km, in free technique this time, in 59mn11s. She is followed by Manon BENOIT and Anne-Flore ARBEZ from the Jura department.


The Czech Republic establishes itself as the leader on this 1st Transjurassienne day
Despite irregular snowfalls and a cloudy sky, 1244 motivated skiers from all over the world took their start in the 50km and 20km events in classic technique. Thanks to the passionate volunteers and organizers who desperately worked to ensure the best possible conditions, this 36th edition was a real success. On Friday evening, because of the recent heavy rain falls, they were striving to prepare a 25km CT track, which they had to reduce to 20km. Same story for the 50km CT that became a 52km CT at the last minute, because of flooding in Chapelle des Bois.

The temperatures were unusually mild at this time of the year, 3°C at 10 am in the start area of Les Rousses. Mouthe was not up to its reputation of being the “Little French Siberia”, with 4°C and a thin layer of snow.

On the results side: the Czech Republic confirms its supremacy with a very fit REZAC who brilliantly renewed his exploits of 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. His compatriot Karolina BICOVA takes revenge on the 2012 edition with a well-deserved 1st place. These victories definitely give an international scale to La Transjurassienne in classic technique.

Men 52 km CT: The Czech Stanislav REZAC collects his 5th victory!
Even though the snow conditions were not easy, the favorites took a fast start… After 12 kilometers, about thirty skiers had managed to be 15 minutes ahead of the estimated time. The 6 energetic favorites took the lead: Stanislav REZAC (13), Adrien MOUGEL (14), Sébastien ISENMANN (6), Jéremy WEIBEL (2), Guillaume LALEVEE (9) and Roddy DARRAGON (1). An over-motivated REZAC reaches Bellefontaine one minute before Adrien MOUGEL, who leaves his teammate Guillaume LALEVEE (5th in 2012) behind. Jéremy WEIBEL, the winner of the 2012 edition, eager for a new victory, hangs on to the head trio. In the Pré Poncet, the Czech confirms his lead, 3 minutes ahead of his followers. Stanislav REZAC reaches the finish line, alone and cheered by the supporters, in 2h27mn33s. He wins for the 3rd time, despite waxing problems. Adrien MOUGEL finishes 4 minutes later, regretting “a wrong choice of skis and a sticky fresh snow”. Guillaume LALEVEE completes the winning trio.

Women 52 km CT: Karolina BICOVA’s beautiful revenge
Unsurprisingly, the Czech favorite Karolina BICOVA (51), 2nd in 2012, takes the lead in Bois d’Amont, one minute ahead of Nicole DONZALLAZ (59). In Bellefontaine, BICOVA is still leading, but the persevering Swiss slowly reduces the gap. Claire MOUGEL is in 3rd position. The 2 leading skiers will remain close until the Pré Poncet where Karolina leaves her rival behind and finishes in 2h57mn35. An expected victory for BICOVA, who shares her pleasure of racing la Transju: “This is a very special event, the mountains are gorgeous, the supporters ready to cheer all nationalities… there is always a great ambiance”. Finishing 3rd, Claire MOUGEL never gave up and did her best to reach the podium.

Men 20 km CT: The winner is the German Benjamin SEIFERT
The German SEIFERT completed his race solo on the most part of the track, and reached the finish line in 57mn06s. Hugo LOEWERT finishes second, closely followed by Alex MOUGIN.

Women 20 km CT: The Czech Kamila BORUTOVA takes the lead
Her compatriots’ victories brought her luck as she raced solo, just like REZAC and BICOVA. She reaches the finish line in 1h07mn57s. Lise MANDARY finishes 5 minutes later, followed by Marine GASNER TAVERNIER.

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