2013 – 35th edition

La Transjurassienne 2013 took place on the original track Lamoura-Mouthe passing through Chaux-Neuve ! 4350 skiers were registered for the 35th edition ! Many thanks to all of you !

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Congratulations to all participants of La Transjurassienne 2013 !

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35th Transjurassienne : A historical double… A 100% French Men/Women victory, despite the international elite!

Watch 76km FT video by Nordic Magazine : click here

Stade d’arrivéeThe Franche-Comté was celebrating this Sunday the famous French cross-country festivities with 3119 skiers from all over the world. At the start in Lamoura, the -20°C did not discourage the faithful participants, amators and champions who were ready to face the 76km between Lamoura and Mouthe.

For the 35th edition of La Transjurassienne, the Jura mountains were showing its best visage, entirely covered with white snow shining under the sun. Breathtaking sceneries all along the original and mythical track as well as numerous spectators supporting the braves.

76km FT/Men : The winning trio: CHAUVET, MOUGEL and BUISSON… The French in seventh heaven!
2004 was the last time we saw a 100% French podium… Benoît CHAUVET (Bib # 5) andBenoit Chauvet remporte le 76km Emilien BUISSON (Bib # 24) both from Haute-Savoie as well as Adrien MOUGEL (Bib # 16) from Les Vosges made our dream come true by taking over the whole podium! Thanks to their tactics based on mutual aid, they managed to defeat their competitors. It all happened around Chaux-Neuve, where Benoît CHAUVET took the head of the race alone, until the finished line which he reached in 3h24 mn… The winner in 2011, he admits that “This was even more emotional” since today he wins “the true Transju, the 76km”, which he will try to win again next year. With this victory he reaches the first place of the FIS Marathon Cup ranking, ex aequo with Sergio BONALDI. Adrien MOUGEL finished alone too, 2 minutes after his sport mate. The highlight of the race was the final sprint won by the French Emilien BUISSON against the Italian Sergio BONALDI.

57km FT/Women : Célia BOURGEOIS flew off and rang the Obertino bell !
Célia Bourgeois remporte le 57kmFT

After the first 40 km a group was formed with ten skiers, among which the Italian Stéphanie SANTER (Bib # 5006), the Ukrainian Valentina SHEVCHENKO (Bib # 5001), the French Célia BOURGEOIS (Bib # 5005) in great shape, and the Estonian Tatjana MANNIMA (Bib # 5002). A duo takes the head of the race in Bellefontaine, composed of Célia BOURGEOIS and the Estonian, currently 2nd in the FIS Marathon Cup ranking. With strong determination, the French from le Jura leaves her competitor behind and races solo until the finish line in 2h44mn. The Italian fought fiercely to retain her 2nd place like in 2012, tightly followed by Valentina SHEVCHENKO, the winner in 2012. Tatjana MANNIMA, who slowed her pace after Bellefontaine, could not catch up and finishes 4th, followed by the Italian Antonella CONFORTOLA.

The official provisional results

Watch 50km CT video by Nordic Magazine : click here

Between Les Rousses and Mouthe, blue sky and sun were welcoming the 993 skiers enlisted on the 50km and the 25km race.
Some 70 to 80 centimeters of snow fallen in the last days gav the participants the opportunity to challenge the historical track of La Transjurassienne, with perfect conditions offering the chance to challenge oneself and for the elite skiers, to break the time record for both Men an Ladies!

Pierre GUEDON from Savoie wins after a sprint, Gaëtane PERRET from Jura takes her “solo” revenge!
50km CT/Men: First participation and first victory… double treat for Pierre GUEDON from Savoie!

The first 12 kilometers gave the race its fast pace, due to good snow and weather conditions. A group of 10 skiers was formed around Chaux-Neuve, led by Mathias WIBAULT (Bib # 1) and Pierre CHAUVET until the final sprint. Then six racers started a sprint 2 kilometers from the finish line. Pierre Guedon finishes first, breaking the record in 2h24. “This was my first Transju, and I did not know the track” said Pierre to the journalists, smiling broadly. His main competitor and reputed sprinter, Bastien BUTTIN, finishes 2nd, slightly disappointed but a good sport. Bertrand HAMOUMRAOUI from Haute-Savoie, 2nd in 2012, finishes 3rd followed by Pierre CHAUVET. A great day for the Savoie and Haute-Savoie departments, walking off with the 5 first places!

50km CT/ Women : A beautiful “solo” revenge for Gaëtane PERRET from le Jura
No big surprise since the leading group remained the same throughout the race: Gaëtane PERRET (Bib # 73) took the head of the race followed by 10 skiers. 3rd in 2012, she will have run this “Classical Transjurassienne” solo for the most part, and won quite easily. “I was lacking confidence at the start, but I tried the best I could” said Gaëtane who finished in 2h45mn (to be compared with Annick VAXELAIRE’s 3h02 in 2012). Marion COLIN (Bib # 79), several times Junior French Champion and Iris PESSEY (Bib # 39), both aged 20, finished 2nd and 3rd after a beautiful sprint. Marion COLIN, who participated in la Transjurassienne for the first time, was “delighted” to step on the podium and be part of the rising stars.


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