2012 – 34th edition

Podium of the 2012 Transjurassienne – 70kmThe 76km race was reduced to 70 km, due to extreme weather conditions that prevailed between Bois d’Amont and Le Brassus. In the main event, the Byelorussian Aliaksei Ivanou, already winner in 2009, won in 3h25mn13s, the sprint ahead of the Italian Sergio Bonaldi and the Czech Martin Koukal. In the women category, Christelle Jouille (FRA) easily won the race in 4h23km35s before Anne Laure Cuny (FRA) and Russian Valentina Kislukhina.

The UltraTrans (combined ranking of participants who completed the 50km classic race on Saturday and 70km freestyle race on Sunday) was won by Sebastien Isenmann, followed by Sacha Devillaz and Benjamin Faivre, and among women by the Russian Valentina Kislukhina ahead of Perrine Blanc and Florence Golay Geymond.

UtraTrans Results (PDF)

The 54km race, also reduced to 50km, led the Ukrainian Valentina Shevchenko to victory ahead of the Italian Stephanie Santer, who becomes leader of the FIS Marathon Cup, and the Estonian Tatjana Mannima. Among the men, the Swiss Jürg Ruegsegger finishes ahead of the Estonian Margus Rouk and Hugo Loewert.

The 30km race was won by Martin Bouchet before Clément Mailler and Bastien Buttin. In the women category Marine Dewaele won ahead of Anne Flore Arbez and Morvane Verguet.

In the 50km classic competition, Jeremy Weibel (MARKSTEIN Ranspach SC) won the race in a tight sprint ahead of Bertrand Hamoumraoui (CLUB SPORTS CHAMONIX) and Cyril Miranda (SKI CLUB WOOD UPSTREAM). In the women category, Annick Vaxelaire (CLUB VOSGIEN VAGNEY ROCHESSON) prevails before Karolina Bicova (Jizerská) and Gaëtane Perret (TOP SKI JURA) In the 25km classic competition, Corentin Jacquot from Pontarlier is the winner in front of Charlie Blondeau (Bellefontaine) and Richard Balland (Morbier).

Among the women, the Swiss Jéromine Mercier arrives well ahead of Fanny Roche (Usclades and Rieutord) and the Swedish Linnea Pauler.

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