2011 – 33th edition

Results of Saturday, February 12
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European Championship

Results of Sunday, February 13
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Photos of the classic races by Flash Sport
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Chauvet wins his first Transjurassienne!
Santus takes the lead of the FIS Marathon Cup!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

After the Classic events on Saturday, today’s events were all about Freestyle technique! Benoit Chauvet was the man of the day! He almost exploded with joy when he crossed the finish line in 1:33.45 to win his first Transjurassienne! In the sprint for the victory, the Italian Fabio Santus took a brilliant 2nd position in 1:33.46 and at the same time took the lead of the FIS Marathon Cup! The Frenchman Christophe Perrillat came in third in 1:33.58 and crossed the finish line “congratulating the organizing commmittee for having done everything possible to pull this beautiful event off.”

The lady in the lime-light this afternoon was the Swiss skier Natascia Leonardi Cortesi, crossing the finish line in 1:46.46 after having skied almost the entire event alone. The local Frenchwoman Célia Bourgeois came in 2nd, she said that her “goal was to finish in the top five”. The Italian Sabina Valbusan finished in third position and joined the others in thanking the organisation for all of their and for providing and event in optimal conditions.

General Ranking:
40KMFT Men: 1. Benoît CHAUVET N°12 (MEGEVE) 01:33:45 – 2. Fabio SANTUS N°6 (ITA) 01:33:46 – 3. Christophe PERRILLAT N°1 (SC GRAND BORNAND) 01:33:58 – 4. Mathias FREDRIKSSON N°2 (SUEDE) 01:34:11 – 5. Pierre CHAUVET N°27 (SC PAYS ROCHOIS) 01:34:13 – 6. Simone PAREDI N°24 (ITA) 01:34:14 – 7. Diego RUIZ N°9 (ESP) 01:34:28 – 8. Aliaksei IVANOV N°13 (BIELORUSSIE) 01:34:28 – 9. Robin DUVILLARD N°4 (VILLARD DE LANS) 01:35:22 – 10. Vadim NESTEROV N°31 (RUS) 01:36:34

40 KMFT Women: 1. Natascia LEONARDI CORTESI N°5005 (SUI) 01:46:46 – 2. Célia BOURGEOIS N°5004 (GRENOBLE) 01:48:55 – 3. Sabina VALBUSA N°5006 (ITA) 01:50:04 – 4. Elisabeth COUPAT N°5029 (BESSAT) 01:50:43 – 5. Susanne NYSTROM N°5001 (SUEDE) 01:54:56 – 6. Ursina BADILATTI N°5013 (SUI) 01:55:21 – 7. Manon SIMILLE N°5015 (SC BOZEL) 01:56:47 – 8. Claire VANNSON N°5048 (HAUTE MOSELLE SC) 02:02:22 – 9. Muriel MARIN N°5041 (CHARTROUSIN) 02:03:20 – 10. Bernadette ROCHE N°5120 (ADDSNA) 02:06:11

Saturday 12th February

After a full week of hard labor and track changes to manage a successful event, the volunteers and organizing committee were well rewarded by the smiling faces of the participants crossing the finishline!

The Cezch star, Stanislav Rezac took the show for the fourth time running this year! The Frenchman Pierre Chauvet come in second and the Cezch Radek Sretr came in third. Chauvet said that “Rezac made the difference in the downhill sections and even if he felt stronger in the climbs, he couldn’t beat Rezac in the end.”

It was no biq surprise that our local champion Gaëtanne Perret crossed the finish line in first position after leading the entire event and winning all of the sprints along the way. She said that “she was worried I was going to explode near the end of the race and I decided to give it everything I had to make the difference in the Sambine.” The French women Laure Tassion and Annick Vaxelaire came in second and third respectivly more that 30 seconds behind Perret.

General Ranking
42 KM CT MEN: 1. Stanislav REZAC N°1 (CZE) 01:45:19 – 2. Pierre CHAUVET N°7 (PAYS ROCHOIS) 01:45:21 – 3. Radek SRETR N°45 (CZE) 01:46:17 – 4. Michaël BONTHOUX N°4 (LES SEPT LAUX) 01:47:26 – 5. Amaury BOSCHAT N°14 (CS CHAMONIX) 01:48:37 – 6. Alexandre ROUSSELET N°2 (MONT D’OR) 01:49:04 – 7. Guillaume BERHAULT N°6 (SNB CHAMROUSSE) 01:50:09 – 8. Lilian GAILLARD N°8 (MEAUDRAIS) 01:50:09 – 9. Tomi-Pekka RIIHIVUORI N°213 (FINL) 01:50:13 – 10. Niko NATTINEN N°3 (FINL) 01:51:20

42 KM CT WOMEN: 1. Gaëtane PERRET N°88 (HAUT JURA) 02:12:04 – 2. Laure TASSION N°89 (ARECHES BEAUFORT) 02:12:33 – 3. Annick VAXELAIRE N°84 (VAGNEY ROCHESSON) 02:13:25 – 4. Karolina BICOVA N°85 (CZE) 02:18:56 – 5. Martina STURSOVA N°1012 (CZE) 02:22:02 – 6. Anne Laure BOURGEAT N°87 (DAMPRICHARD) 02:22:21 – 7. Chloé BLANC N°1006 (SEPTMONCEL) 02:24:30 – 8. Salomé LETOUBLON N°1001 (MOUTHE) 02:25:17 – 9. Julie FAIVRE N°1117 (AUTRANAISE) 02:29:57 – 10. Marylise BREU N°1036 (SUISSE) 02:30:12

Transju : la classique 40 KM Transju : ambiance pour le 40km en pas classique Transju : la doyenne du 20KM a 76 ans ! Transju : Marie-Guite Dufay participe !

Questionnaire “competiton tourism” Winner of Atomic travelling bag !

Almost 500 athletes of La Transjurassienne have completed the questionnaire with the subjet “competiton tourism”
I want to thank all the participants for their support. We had about 400 participants from France and 100 participants from Europe, Canada… and Australia.

Today we drew the winner of the travelling bag. The winner is Thibault MONDON from Bourg d’Oisans. Congratulations !