2010 – 32th edition

La Transjurassienne 13 & 14 February 2010 The feast for ski lovers !!!

Saturday 13 February 2010

REZAC confirms his superiority in the 50km CT ! ROUSSELET disappointed…
The Swiss Rébecca AUBERT imposes her style !
The temperature of -6°C in Les Rousses was nothing compared to the -12°C felt by the skiers because of the northern wind ! This did not prevent the 918 racers to take the start of the 50km or 25km. The fine and fresh snow offered good gliding conditions. The sun and supporters were present for this 32nd edition.

La Transjurassienne 50km CTOn the Men’s side
Supporters were placing bets on the 2 favourites, the Czech Stanislav REZAC, quite used to long distances, and the regional racer Alex ROUSSELET, ready to beat his rival. The 2 men took the lead from the beginnig but suspens remained until the finish line and a magnificent final sprint won by REZAC, for the second time in 2h24:42, beating his own 2009 record ! Alex ROUSSELET congratulated the Czech, saying that “he is stronger in double pole” ! Jérémy WEIBEL wins the 3rd place, closely followed by Guillaume LALEVEE and Sébastien ISENMANN.

La Transjurassienne 50km CT On the Women’s side
The Swiss Rébecca AUBERT who was runnign this track for the first time, wins the 50km CT. Florence MARGUET, who is used to the Transjurassienne podiums, took the lead of the race for a long time, then was caught up by the Swiss who flew on her own to the victory, 4 minutes ahead of her follower. Florence GOLAY GEYMOND wins the third place, one second later…

La Franche-Comté region well represented on the 25km CT podium.

It was a difficult race even though the wind was favourable and the gliding conditions excellent. It ended with a beatufiul final sprint between won by Martin EGRAZ from the Jura ahead of Gaëtan MATHY from Pontarlier, closely followed by another Pontarlier resident, Marc REGNIER.

On the women’s podium, the Swiss Laurence ROCHAT, finishes far from Salomé LETOUBLON and Gaëlle MATHY, both from Mouthe.

Sunday 14 February 2010

France back on the podium ! PERRILLAT wins… all alone !
The Swedish NYSTRÖM takes the victory on a sprint

On this Valentine’s Day, 3052 skiers were present in Lamoura and Les Rousses. And they needed love to warm up given the -8°C temperature announced at the start ! Since the beginnig of the race, snow falls greeted the participants and made the gliding more difficult. A better reason to feel proud when crossing the finish line !

La Transjurassienne 76km FT The smile of Christophe PERRILLAT !
It’s been 6 years since one last saw a French skier claim the victory.
From the start and until Bellefontaine a group of 15 skiers took the lead. Among them, the favourites : the swedish FREDRIKSSON and ANDREASSON, the italians CARRARA, CATTANEO, BONALDI, the french PERRIER, ROUSSELET, LANGEL, CHAUVET, HENRIET and PERRILLAT… All determined to keep a good pace until the finish !

But none forecasted Christophe PERRILLAT, who litteraly flew on his own to the victory from the Pré Poncet even if his strengh weakened in the last 10km.

The second and third places were fought with a sprint between FREDRIKSSON (SWE), SANTUS (ITA), ANDREASSON (SWE) and CARRARA (ITA), ranked respectively 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th.

To be noticed, Alexandre ROUSSELET finishes 10th after his 2nd place on the 50km CT on Saturday.
The first Sénateur, Michel VUILLET, finishes 258th in 4h18:15.

La Transjurassienne54km FT Un podium aux accents nordiques et suisses !

For a first try, what a surprise ! The Swedish Susanne NYSTRÖM modestly wins her first Transjurassienne. And this victory gave her the envy to return !

Return, just like the Swiss Natascia LEONARDI CORTESI 2nd and the Finnish Pia SUNDSTEDT 3rd, who finished respectively 4th and 3rd in 2009.

Fred JEAN, master of La Transju 30km FT !

While his valentine is in Vancouver, Fred JEAN gets a full cardboard in the palmares of the last born Transju 30km FT. The French biathlete finishes 30 first on this 2nd edition of La Transju 30km FT for the second time, beating his own time of 1 minute despite the unfavourable gliding conditions. The 2nd and 3rd steps are for Ludovic BENOIT from Grenoble and the regional skier Maxime LECLERC. Among the ladies, the podium is international with the Czech Karolina BICOVA on the first step, far ahead of the Swiss Silvia BACK-EGLI and Laure COSTE.

Results of La Transjurassienne 2010

Saturday 13th February classic races
UltraTrans 50km CT & 76km FT