2002 – 24th edition

A first victory for the Italian De Zolt
On Sunday, February 17, 2002, the Italian Roberto De Zolt, 32 years old, won the 23rd edition of La Transjurassienne, disputed between Lamoura and Prémanon (Massif du Jura), which is also the 3rd event of the FIS Marathon Cup presented by Worldloppet. He precedes his compatriot Norman Kostner and the French Stéphane Passeron. The Italian “razzia” is complete: 7 “azzuri” out of the 10 first finishers!

With ideal weather conditions: clear sky, crisp temperature, dry air…, the 23rd Transjurassienne took place in an enthusiast ambience, between Lamoura and Prémanon, on a 54 km backup trail for the men’s event (2 523 male and 103 female competitors), and a 39 km backup trail for the women’s event (209 competitors), whereas the usual distances are 76 km and 46 km respectively. It was a moment of pure bliss, especially for those who brooded over the cancellation of the last edition because of the lack of snow…

According to predictions , an Italian takes over after the last 2 victories of the Spanish Johann Mühlegg (1999 and 2000 editions). It is the first time that Roberto De Zolt stands out in a Worldloppet long distance event. A customs officer, member of the International Italian Team and not selected for the Olympic Games, Roberto De Zolt is Maurilio De Zolt’s cousin, Olympic champion in Lillehammer in 1994 and 2nd of the 19…86 edition of La Transjurassienne!

Stéphane Passeron is the first French to slip in between the 7 first Italians, taking 3rd place, after fighting against the wonderful teaming efforts of our Italian neighbours. Passeron, who won the race in 1998, predicted that the winner would run the race in 2h10’: the first four competitors reached the finish line in 2h11’!

In the women’s event, the victory belongs to the well-known champion of the FIS Marathon Cup long distance events, the Swedish Antonina Ordina. She beats the Norwegian Elin Nilsen by one second, and the German Monica Lazarut by 3 seconds. The first French women to reach the finish line are Anne-Laure Mignerey and Emmanuelle Claret, respectively ranking 5th and 6th.

> Main results:

Men.- 1. R. De Zolt (Ita), 2h11’15’’8; 2. N. Kostner (Ita), 2h11’16’’1; 3. S. Passeron (Fra), 2h11’16’’3 ; 4. M. Pozzi (Ita), 2h11’16’’7 ; 5. G. Zanetel (Ita), 2h12’05’’6 ; 6. M. Cattaneo (Ita), 2h14’23’’3 ; 7. P. Costantin (Ita.), 2h14’31’’3; 8. F. Bordiga (Ita), 2h14’31’’4; 9. C. Vallet et Ph. Grandclément (Fra), 2h14’34’’2 ; 11. L. Gaillard (Fra), 2h14’34’’3 ;… 13. O. Bulle (Fra), 2h15’34’’4;… 15. D. Roy (Fra), 2h16’33’’8 ;… 18. F. Gorry (Fra), 2h16’50’’;… 40. S. Guillaume (Fra), 2h22’13’’4;… 84. F. Guy (Fra), 2h32’35’’7…

Women.- 1. A. Ordina (Swe), 1h54’’04 ; 2. E. Nilsen (Nor), 1h54’05’’ ; 3. M. Lazarut (Ger), 1h54’07’’4; 4. S. Friesen (Rus), 1h54’18’’3; 5. A-L. Mignerey (Fra), 1h59’34’’3; 6. E. Claret (Fra), 2h00’27’’8; 7. Alekseeva (Rus), 2h00’44’’7 ; 8. E. Capt (Swi), 2h02’46’’2; 9. A-L.

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