Practical info

  • Race regulations 2018
    All participants must provide proof of medical aptitude for cross-country skiing on a competitive level either by a medical certificate of less than a year on the competition date or by a copy of a valid ski licence.


    La Transjurassienne is open to all skiers, men or women who are 20 or older the day of the race for La Transju’Classic, La Transju’Marathon and La Transjurassienne, 18 or older for La Trans 25CT and La Trans 25FT.


    All racers must provide proof of medical aptitude for participation in cross-country skiing races on a competition level by a medical certificate of less than a year.


    All racers must have a personal individual insurance.


    Bib numbers are not transmissible (all changes must be authorized by the organization before further info coming ).

    The article number 313-6-2 of the French penal code plans 15.000€ in case of identity theft.

    La Transju’Classic : bib pick-up Friday, February 8th, Les Rousses

    La Trans 25CT : bib pick-up Friday, February 8th, Les Rousses

    La Transjurassienne, La Transju’Marathon et La Trans 25FT : bib pick-up Friday, February 8th and Saturday, February 9th, Les Rousses



    From OC : Further info coming

    From participant :  Further info coming


    All racers receive an electronic timing chip which must be placed on the ankle. The participant is responsible for handing back the chip after the race. Please be careful not to damage it (cost if lost or damaged: 50€).


    Clothing bag provided with the bib will be transported by special trucks to the finish area. Race officials are not responsible for lost or stolen items.


    Poles and skis replacement stands are situated after each food station. All lent equipment must be returned to the technical assistance booth at the finish area.


    Timing limits are set by the race officials (see Race rules). Any skier stopped at a time limit control point or obliged to abandon the race has to return his timing chip to the organisation or to the closest control point.


    The UltraTrans challenge associates the two main races in each technique : Transju’Classic on Saturday and Transjurassienne on Sunday. It is the only race combination possible in the UltraTrans, for men and women alike. The addition of the two race times will give you your UltraTrans ranking. The first 6 men and first 6 women will be awarded.


    The organising committee reserves the right to award the number of racers and the categories of their choice depending on participation. All racers must be present at the official awards ceremony to receive their prize.


    The organising committee reserves the right to modify the race courses as well as all points of the race regulations depending on the race conditions.


    Through his/her registration, participants allow the organising committee, its partners and the Media to use images in which he/she appears.
    Complete race regulations to be read : click here

  • Nominative start numbers
    A sticker with your first name and the flag of your country is in your start number’s envelope (guaranteed for registrations before December, 21th, 2017).Please place it in the corresponding space on your bib (Timing chip side, under the start number) and if possible in a warm and flat place.

  • Timing chip
    Be carefull ! You’ll find your timing chip in your start number’s envelope. Please put the chip on the bangle and place it on the ankle.
    Be careful to hand it back after the race and not to damage it (cost if lost or damaged: 50€). If you stop the race please give it to the volunteers where you stop or take it back to the finish area.

  • Clothing bag
    Your clothing bag will be placed in your registration’s enveloppe with a sticker and a closure link.
    BE CAREFUL ! Put your sticker on your bag before the race and take the link with you. The bags must be loaded in the corresponding truck at the start area.

    It will be available in Chaux Neuve, by showing your bib number. There are shuttles from Chaux Neuve to Mouthe for showers, changing room and meals.

  • Food stations and technical assistance areas
    Several feeding stations all along the race : Transjurassienne and Transju’Classic / Transju’Marathon / Trans 25CT and Trans 25FT
    BE CAREFUL ! On the right side, at the end of each feeding station, you will find a special space to through your garbages! Moreover, each food station will be equiped with several bins in order to sort your waste. Please respect environment, to avoid penalties.You’ll also find after each food station, a technical assistance area (waxing and equipment). The lended equipment has to be taking back to the stand near the ski deposit. You’ll have the possibility to get back your own equipment at the same time.

  • Skiers' timetable
    Track’s places and skiers’ timetable on Saturday / on Sunday Further info coming

  • You are skiing in a sensitive area
    The track goes through environmental areas of the Jura Mountains, where you can find and see emblematic faun and flora of our high altitude forests. It belongs to our beautiful summer and winter landscapes, making the beauty of our ski race and our ski field. Please respect the marked track and the silence zones during the race to keep these areas preserved.

    See the environmental areas on the map

  • Shuttles before and after the race

    Transports are organized in cooperation with our partner Kéolis Monts Jura Autocars.

    On Saturday

    Start of La Transju’Classic (56 km CT)

    Further info coming

    Start of La Trans 25CT (25 km CT)

    Further info coming

    After the races

    Many buses are available after the races from the finish area. Further info coming

    On Sunday

    Start of La Transju’ (68 km FT)

    Further info coming

    Start of La Transju’Marathon (48 km FT)

    Further info coming

    Start of La Trans 25FT (25 km FT)

    Further info coming

    After the races

    Many buses are available after the races from the finish area. Further info coming


  • Traffic regulations for skiers

    Dear ski friends, parking places are limited in the start and finish areas, please take the free shuttles as much as possible (see corresponding part for timetable).

    Traffic regulations’ maps are available on the following links. For more details (times and days), click on the chosen track.

    On Saturday

    On Sunday

  • Come to the race area

    From Geneva airport

    Car sharing
    click here to access the website

  • Follow the race

    You can follow the race during the week-end. Traffic is allowed in the direction of the race finish area and park places on the right side of the road. Other regulations are set up. Have a look at the following maps, click on the track to have all the information (day and times). You can also see the places where it is easy and nice to see the skiers (yellow stars).

    On Saturday

    On Sunday


  • Waxing tips

    More informations to come…