12 noon in Bois d’Amont – cut-off time for neutralization of La Transju’

Extreme weather conditions motivated a meeting ; it was decided that it was necessary to implement security measures and to stop all racers who arrive after 12 noon in Bois d’Amont. The decision was justified by weather alerts announcing winds from 110 à 120 km/h, presenting particular danger in traversing the Risoux forest.

Racers who have not made it to Bois d’Amont by 12 noon will be stopped and taken to the finish area in Mouthe via the organization bussing system.

For the same security reasons, La Transju’Marathon 48 FT, initially taking start in Les Rousses at 10:30 am, has been cancelled.


A decision will be taken at 11 am concerning the starts for La Transju’Expérience 20 km FT and La Trans 25 FT (starts initially programmed for 1 pm in Chapelle-des-Bois).